TABLP Privacy Viewpoint

I’m re-posting this from my main About Cyndi page so that it gets its own page.  Because I’m open with MY life doesn’t mean I’m gonna go sharing shit about YOURS.  My online privacy viewpoint is for me but I think it makes sense.

What’s your online privacy view?

Personally, I’ve been online for most of my life.  Any half-crazed monkey with Google can find out nearly everything about me.  That means my job is to write so much good stuff about myself that I can monopolize the first 3 pages!  Studies show that people stop clicking after 3 pages, so if I can fill up the interwebs with flattery, then we’re all good.  Right?

Really, my advice to you is this:  Don’t write down anything that you wouldn’t tell your mom, your pastor, and a random stranger.  Don’t even password it or put it online because many a sites have flubbed up and made pages that you meant to be private not so private.

My solution to this is to just live transparently and in a manner so that 10 years from now, I can read this and still say “fuck yeah!  That’s the truth!”

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