The Abused Book Liberation Project started as a hunt for books that were unloved, unwanted, and in danger of the black plague (mold.)  I love to search thrift stores and yard sales for my next great read.  During that time, I noticed that books are badly used and abused – I’ve come across broken spines, boxes full of books in damp places, water damage, stinky books, and the worst – mold spots.

Most people will sell entire boxes of abused books for ridiculous prices.  I once bought an entire garage full of books for $20.  When it comes down to it, most people don’t give a rats ass about their books.

About 50% of the books I come across have been irreversibly damaged.  The other 50% are cleaned and sorted and either added to my private collection or put on Bookmooch.

If you want to join me in saving books, you don’t need anything but time, knowledge, and a little bit of money to start out.  Here are some great books on how to care for your collection.

The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life: How to Get More Books in Your Life and More Life from Your Books by Steve Leveen

The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New by Margot Rosenberg and Bern Marcowitz

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29 12 2010
Howard Lowry

I agree about people having issues with books- most peeople seem to be intimidated by books- I blame H. Ginot (sp?), B. Spock, TV, and video games. Visitors in my den (90%) ask if I’ve “read all them books” to which I’ve been known to answer that they were cheaper than walnut paneling and are more fun to handle. If I answer yes I usually get the response that they aren’t sure if they’ve ever read a whole book. Thank (fill in the deity/deities of your preference) the third digit of my birth year is a just barely 4 and the reality that my family didn’t get a TV ’till I was 14. Radio listening in the 40’s and 50’s promoted reading via imagination- TV deadens imagination and transmutes the viewer’s brain into mush. OK, I’ll get off my personal soap box (only one of many) and say that it’s a nice site, and you appear to have a chance of surviving children (wait ’till they’re teenagers)….

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