Collections & Backlists

Huge amounts of books are published every year.  Huge amounts of books are also added to my shelves every year, but I do hold bias towards certain authors.  Some of the most prolific series’ are written by ghost authors on a formula, such as the Babysitters’ Club and the Sweet Valley collection.

For the young adult books, I aim to own two copies of every book – one for them and one for me. My oldest son has taken a fascination with R. L. Stine lately, so I need to work on that collection a bit more as he does not regard the well-being of books yet.

Here is the key:

Bold: I do not own the book at all and I’m actively searching for it.

italics: I own one copy and need another to complete the goal.  These are not as high a priority for me on my liberation searches.

starred*: If it has an asterisk after it, I have more than two copies or one of the copies is in terrible condition but is still readable.  Anyone who wants a starred book is welcome to it.  Just comment below with an email address or send me a message through bookmooch and we’ll figure it out.

The Young Adult Collections:

The Baby-sitter’s Club by Ann M. Martin

The Sweet Valley Series created by Francine Pascal

The Series of R. L. Stine

The Series of Christopher Pike

Novels for Grown-Ups:

For the more adult-oriented novels, I normally only keep one copy unless I couldn’t wait until it was published in paperback.  (Hardback books are hard to hold in the bathtub.)  If I’ve bought it first in hardback, I’ll buy another copy in paperback when it’s available.  By chance, if I see a well maintained copy in Goodwill or at a yard sale, I’ll pick it up even if I own several copies already.  This goes into my bookmooch inventory or off to friends and relatives who lust after my general collection.

Back when I started this site, authors mainly had very crappy websites and book lists, so I kept my own.  Now, (some) authors have great websites with valuable book lists so I can link to them and spend more time reading. (Other authors still have very crappy sites and need to find a better designer.)  Here are some shameless plugs for my favorites, regardless of the quality of website:

David Baldacci

Jacqueline Carey

Michael Connelly

Catherine Coulter

Diana Gabaldon

Terry Goodkind

Kay Hooper

Greg Isles

Iris Johansen

Richard North Patterson

Chuck Palahniuk

Michael Palmer

Dr. Kathy Reichs

James Rollins

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18 08 2007
Best Shopping List

Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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