they do the cutest things…

23 03 2010

Stereotypically, kids and animals do cute things.

Stereotypes are almost always based on a kernel of truth.

Lately, I’ve been forgetting that because MY kids and animals have developed minds of their own.  That creates several possibilities:

1.  Spontaneous cuteness that they are not aware of.  IMO, this is the BEST kind of cute.

2.  Contrived cuteness that they ARE aware of and created in order to get attention.  (Ernie is the master of this.  He gets cuter and cuter until you give in and pet him.)

3.  Intentionally not cute at all (getting in your sister’s face yelling BOOGER, BOOGER, BOOGER!)

4.  Spontaneous not cute at all.

5.  Funny because it’s just wrong.  (Nola cuddling up to me, then barfing in my face.)

Eh, there are more but my brain is bogged down by this cold front.  Don’t you hate when that happens?

There is a story to go along with this! I’m not just typing out cute factors for my health.

This morning in the car, it was fricking cold.  How does the weather go from 60s, 70s, and even 80s one week then the next it’s freezing temps and snowing again!  We live just north of Atlanta!  We live here because it’s WARMER.

So, me and the kids in the car to go to school.  We take LJ to school and the gas light comes on in my car.  Chickpea’s school opens it’s doors at the same time as LJs but they don’t start until later so I decided to go get gas before dropping Chickpea off.

E, of course, is non-stop running his mouth.  He chatters from the moment he wakes up until the moment he falls asleep.  It’s going something like this: “why the dinging, mommy? The air is blowing but it’s not cold and it’s not hot and I’m not cold and I’m not hot and how are you not hot and not cold?  Did you know that stop signs really say pots?  Why are we turning this way, Mommy?  A’s school is that way and she has to go to school, right? Are we taking A to the doctor so she can get a shot? Do you like shots, Mommy?”

And so it goes…

OK, we get to Ingles and the card reader won’t read my card, so I get to pay full price for the gas (because that was better IMO than standing in the cold trying to make the thing work.)  Pump gas, pump gas, pump gas… make it stop pumping at $60 worth and accidentally get $60.07 worth.  Oh well.  I’m sure that 7 cents got me a drop or two extra.

Then, we leave the gas station and this Toyota van pulls out behind us.  E turns around in his seat and starts frantically waving at the driver.  The driver appears to be a greasy haired dad on his way to somewhere and waves back making it look as uncomfortable as possible.

We have a “no hands in the air” rule in the car because I can see them in the rearview mirror and it makes me nuts.  I say “Ethan, turn around and put your hands down.  What are you thinking? That person is a stranger!”

Next we arrive at Chickpea’s school and since the line is longer, she has time to kiss me bye and kiss E bye.  As she’s kissing Ethan, he smooches her on the nose and blows a raspberry!  “HEY, IF WE’RE SPITTING, WE’RE NOT GOING TO KISS BYE BYE!”  Chickpea turns around with a red spot on her nose where she’s just been raspberried and E starts to cry and rub his eyes.


We drop Chickpea off and as we’re pulling out I say “E-baby, I think you need to go back to bed when we get home.  When you wake up maybe you’ll feel better.”

I got no arguments.  Amazing.

We got home and I turned off the TV and he put his coat and shoes away.  I went potty after putting my coat and shoes away.  When I walked in to his bedroom, he’s curled up on the floor with his rhino stuffed animal, finger in his mouth, and already starting to fall asleep.  I tucked him in to bed with his comfy blanky.

Normally at this point, he hides under the covers and plays.  I didn’t really care this morning as long as he was quiet and restful, so just a few minutes ago I went in to check on him.  He is passed out asleep with his covers tucked up to his chin and his little baby face perfectly relaxed.

*sigh* So.  Freaking. Cute!

Once you go black (cat), you never go back

27 07 2009

A picture of my 10 year old boy, Spooks.  He loves my black rock’n’roll fleece blanket – I can’t even use it when he’s claimed it!  After this picture, he lazily opened one eye at me as if to say “are you seriously going to use a flash while I’m sleeping?”


He’s so cute even though he’s a pushy little shit!

The giant sized toddler

26 06 2009


What happened to my little buddy?

At least this one is staying little.