throw-away days

6 09 2009

17 days post surgery

The past week or so have just been throw away days.  I’m supposed to be still so my body can heal itself.  I feel like a puppy that just got fixed and it’s KILLING ME to not run around and play.  This past week, I started bleeding and got my dad to take me up to the doctor where I just sat in the waiting room and shook for an hour or two.  My body had attacked one of the stitches and formed a huge clot around it so the dr took it out, did some blood work, then sent me home with another prescription.

I have mixed feelings about this doctor’s nurses.  They’re nice enough but they seem too caught up in their own office drama to actually give a damn that this is pretty serious – at least in my own opinion.  I’m sure they listen to a lot of bitching each day from cranky people but dang.  The nurse that took my blood got pissed off that a drop of blood flipped off the needle and landed on her pants – after she stabbed me three times looking for a vein that hadn’t been blown.  Apparently I was too stressed for her to find a good vein… of course, there’s no reason for me to be stressed at all, right?

So Shaun took the rest of the week off and he’s off tomorrow too for Labor Day.  He’s been enforcing the “chill out” rule.  I’m getting ill watching House marathons and I thought that would never happen.  So, I’ve done little stuff – crocheted and sewed, fixed clothing, watched every episode of Project Runway that was on the DVR and season 3 of Psych, every episode of House and seasons 1 and 4 of Bones.  We don’t have 2 and 3 on the HDMI yet, so I didn’t bother with the DVDs.  I dug out my most recent sketch book and put down some quick ideas for some uniform clothes for the chickpea.  Sorted buttons with chickpea and LJ.  Read Terry Goodkind’s new book.  Read my Real Simple magazine.  Finished Kathy Reich’s new one.  Upgraded to a Flickr pro account.  Ordered some business cards.  RSVPd for my 10 year reunion.  Threatened E-baby with ratting him out to Grandpa – E’s current best buddy – if he kept throwing tantrums and being a badass.

Oh yeah – that’s a good tip for all y’all parental folks.  Tell the kid you’re going to call in the grandparents and that was going to be SOOOOO BAD.  I remind the rugrats that the gparents raised ME and I’m meaner than a hornet so while they know nice grandmommy and grandpa who spoil their little asses – they really don’t want to see the bad side.  That stopped a full blown tantrum in its tracks last night.  Suddenly, E’s face wasn’t red or wet from crying, he stood tall and looked me in the eye like a big boy.

The chickpea has been stealing straight pins for some odd reason.  I think she’s interested in the fact that they’re sharp but small… she has the weirdest obsessions at times.  She’s super observant of stick pins but she thinks climbing the built in bookshelves won’t cause her any harm at all.  Um… that’s a little backwards, kid.  You could stick a straight pin all the way through you and you’d still not be hurt too bad.  If even one of those shelves breaks, though, that may be the end of it.  I’ve climbed them before (to show it really was anchored well) but still – you don’t take chances like that.

I need to get some real work done but I don’t like sitting at the computer for long right now.  I have about 15 things to get up on Etsy and I need to start working on a branding for Shaun’s antique restoration stuff.  If I don’t get something to do, I’m going to end up watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta and that would be very bad.


A uterus free life

31 08 2009

I’m 10 days post op.  All the bruising has faded (I looked like I’d been hit in the stomach with a steel donut) but I got a nasty infection in my belly button.  The antibiotics are making me loopy and sick.  Since the surgery, we’ve spent maybe $200 on medicine.  It sucks and what sucks worse is that the nurse who was covering the on-call line was a total ass hat and brushed off my symptoms when I called for more meds.  So, a day later, I’m back in the hospital with an infection, my pulse is at 120 and my temperature is dropping. The doctor at the ER took one look at my tummy and pronounced it infected.  I got ANOTHER EKG and told to drink plenty of water and to expect squirt poops from the antibiotics.  Seriously, I’m fighting for the world record of most EKGs in 14 days.  The memo must have gone out that mitral valve prolapse is a serious medical condition (um, haven’t I been saying this for 10 years?) and I must be triaged directly back into the innards of the ER to have sticky things stuck all over me and all the monitors turned on.  I’m not dying, I just have puss.

Since I’ve been on bedrest, I’ve watched about 1000 episodes of Project Runway and The Rachel Zoe Project.  This is COMPLETELY unlike me.  I do love fashion design and style but I hate the editing of reality shows.  It’s always “so and so is a bitch and we don’t like her” that’s totally blown out of proportion by the production company.  I just want to see what they come up with and how they do it.  I tried watching America’s Next Top Model but I couldn’t stand it.  It went way over my maximum threshold for flakiness.  I can barely stand Heidi Klum on Project Runway.  You can almost see the teleprompter reflected in her eyes.

My mom stayed with me all last week and took care of the kiddos so I had some time on my hands.  It’s odd the way children and dogs react to a new “pack leader” even if it’s temporary.  The kids out-performed each other with excellent behavior.  They don’t even try to show off for me, which is kind of nice in itself.  I’m just “Mom.”  Nothing special about plain ole Mom, she’s just Mom.  LOL

The dogs, on the other hand, did not take it so well.  They have these weird dominance fights about twice a year so apparently, with Grandmommy in charge it was time to redo the pecking order.  German Shepherd breeds (all of the pups are GSD mixes) are so interesting in the way they vie for dominance.  Grandmommy has only had little dogs and never more than one at a time, so she didn’t know that when the dominance play starts – make sure YOU come out on top.  Every time this happens they try and challenge me as pack leader and it’s super important to make it clear that they aren’t going to budge me.

So, dominance play is in session and the blood is shed over position.  Our GSD/Lab, Abbie, always makes sure she comes out on top.  She’s not as big as Nola, but she fights dirty and she’s strong.  Abbie has two cuts over one eye.  Nola, the great Dane, tried to fight both Abbie and Cali, the collie mix, but was quickly put in her place.  She has two cuts over one eye and one cut under it.  Oh well, the tube of antibiotic eye cream for the dogs expires this month, so I may was well use it up.  Cali walked away scot free and smelling like an angel even though she started half the fights.  She’s little but she’s a scrappy bitch.  Now that I’m up and moving, things have settled down with our little wolf pack with the pecking order being absolutely the same as it was last time.

Last week’s score:  Dogs – 1, Grandmommy – 0.

On the other side, Mom did great with the kids.  They made play-do pumpkins and dried them to hang up.  They made velvet art posters.  They played on the computer and went to the pet store to look at the fish.  Mom’s always great with pre-school aged kids and it was so nice to not have to worry about anything.  Mom thinks of EVERYTHING.

I finished some crochet projects so I need to take pictures and put them up.  I finished the uniform skirt for A, finished a bamboo scarf for Shaun, and repaired a ton of clothing that has been waiting on me.  I made Shaun take me to Wal-Mart to get some more of the Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn.  Hobby Lobby had like two choices from that line so I ended up getting some off brand made by Hobby Lobby and it SUCKS.  It’s too waxy and your fingers feel so weird after using it.  The Eco yarn is amazing and hey, it’s made out of plastic bottles.  I got some yarn off of etsy, and I’m still wondering if I like it or not.  The alpaca/soysilk blend is very nice, but the organic cotton is not what I expected.  I’ll have to work with it before I make a decision.

So what’s life like without a uterus?  Exactly the same as with one, so far, but at least I’m not bleeding!  I think it will take some time to realize fully that I will never have another period and I will never get pregnant.  It’s actually kind of comforting knowing that.  Absolutely Not is an answer I’m satisfied with because my mind doesn’t have to analyze it.  Shaun and I ceremonially threw away all the tampons and pads so now I’m just waiting to heal up.  😀  It’s going to be well worth it!