NaNo Disco

2 11 2009

I signed up for NaNoWriMo yesterday and I think I may be able to pull it off this year.  I still don’t have a good plot line in my head, but I think I have an idea.  I should just start writing and see what happens.

First I have to clean off my desk because I’m barely reaching my keyboard.  My Circa, a stack of books and drawings, and a spool of packing tape are in the way at the moment.

I really hope my doctor gets her shit together figures out her voice mail system and gets my meds called in today.  For the last 5 days now I feel like I’ve had a disco ball for a brain.  Every time I stand up my vision pixelates like a poor quality youtube video and the crazy flashes of lights are just a little disconcerting.  I’ve been sick to my stomach and ill like a hornet and I can’t sleep worth a damn.  I’d go to the hospital, but I’d just come home with 2 more mutations of the swine flu and less money that could be spent on fun stuff – like my medications!

I need to see if I can put the disco on hold for a minute while I get the kids breakfast and delivered to school.  If not, I’ll just have to find some techno music and go with the flow.


And the literary field puts me back in perspective

1 07 2009

I was so excited I finally got Richard North Patterson‘s* The Race in paperback the other day.  So. Excited.

I started and finished it today in the bathtub, thinking “what a damn good book.  How does Mr. North Patterson always tend to be so oddly prophetic and honest with his novels?”  I thanked God again for the blessing of finally finding the book and being able to read it as I tied on my robe and left the bathroom.

I dried my hair, pet Spooks, and turned around to face a brand new hardback version of The Race neatly shelved on the bottom row of bookshelves.

There are too many self-flagellating analogies right now for me to even think about including:

  • I have so much wealth in just literature that I can misplace an entire novel for a long enough period to get excited about it again the next time it’s published.
  • I should really stop expecting the next best and re-examine the contents of my bookshelves (and household) and find new ways to love them all over again.
  • I better not invite anyone involved with the local fire code over any time soon because the next additions to my collection are going to force triple-shelving situations.**

*Dear Mr. North Patterson, if you or anyone affiliated with you were to read this humble entry, please take this one statement to heart:  Please get a real website. Someone as prolific as you should have enough clout to get have a site that is not built on your publisher’s template and hosted on their server.  If you need two or three candidates who are professional advertising web designers who recently got laid off and have time to give you some energy, just send me an email.  I can also recommend a good hosting client.

** I have a surreal love for words that end in -ion today.  I guess they just feel nice rolling around in my brain although it does bring to mind this rather unfortunate incident of internet culture.