Goodwill Day

27 02 2010

On a side note before I write this post, why is it that when I need a notepad I can’t ever find one?  All I need is to jot down the file name of this picture! Now if I’m trying to do something that doesn’t require paper, I’m overwhelmed with all different types of sticky notes and notebooks and crap.  The  missing sock fairy is fucking with me!

Yesterday Shaun and I declared today “Goodwill Day.”  Isn’t that such a nice warm, fuzzy name?  I mean it really motivates you to give stuff away as you imagine homeless people shopping for sweaters and shoes for thrift store prices.  We have 3 Goodwill stores within a 30 mile radius and 2 homeless people.  One of those people has a home, he’s just the community crazy person who walks up and down the road all day.

In our little suburban American home, it really means “we’ve collected too much shit and some of it has to GO before you can get more shit.”  For us, that means clothing.  Kids grow taller and we grow a little wider and a little saggier.  I’m looking at a stack of shirts of Shaun’s that were in the Goodwill stack that I salvaged because I love the fabric.  I know that most likely, it will be a while before I use it but damn – fabric is expensive and men’s shirts at Goodwill are like $2.40!  If you get a 2X that’ll make more than a nice throw pillow!

While I’m only half sarcastic about giving stuff to Goodwill – I am totally 100% ecstatic about Goodwill Day because I get to go to the store!  Why?  Books!  Racks and racks of books that are so much more random than browsing at Barnes & Nobles.  I can buy EVERYTHING that looks interesting and spend $30.  If I go to B&N, I get to pick out either 3 paperbacks or one hardback for $30.  (Normally, I spend upwards of $200 if I’m let anywhere close to a traditional book store.  I have no willpower.)

Those Animorphs books up there?  That was my last Goodwill Day score for LJ because he reads like I do.  75 cents a piece, bitches.  75 cents!  That’s where I pick up the Scholastic books that are pimped at school book fairs too.  I love Scholastic books but I hate those damn book fairs. (This is the part of the show where I channel Katt Williams.)

Now, baby, I know your school has been sending home those flyers every day for a month and I know that’s all your teachers are talking about.  I know.  Now let’s look at this paper.  It’s saying this awesome book is 25 pages long and the pictures are really awesome.  It also says that book is $15.  You’ll be done reading that book the day you get it.  After that, it’ll sit on a shelf and maybe sometime later you’ll read it again.  Because it won’t take you long to finish it, you’ll want two or three of these awesome books and baby, I just don’t have that kind of money because you also like video games, toys, and movies.

Let’s think for a second, baby.  All those other kids at your school – all 2,000 of them – are getting this same paper sent home and most of them can’t read well.  So their mama is going to look at this and think “if I spend $15, maybe he’ll practice” or something.  Thing is, that book will come in and that kid isn’t ever going to look at it.  Odds are pretty good that those brand new books are going to end up at one of the 3 community Goodwills for 75 cents a piece.  THEN, because you waited, I can buy you EVERY SINGLE BOOK in that flyer and still only spend $15.

So, happy Goodwill Day!  I’ll be in my closet if you need me.


what was plan b again?

4 01 2010

I could have SWORN the kids went back to school today.  I got them all ready, meds and breakfast done, warmed up the car, bundled up against the 18 degree weather and took off.

What did I find?  The schools were EMPTY.  It’s a teacher work day today.


I was going to work on cleaning house today but no.  There’s no point in cleaning house when all the kids are home.  30 seconds after putting away the vacuum, a toy box explodes and dirt somehow finds its way into corners I didn’t even knew existed.

So… plan B.  I guess I’ll clean my bathroom (since it’s kid free) and wash my make-up brushes.  I may even photograph my antique books to post on here.  I already wrote an About TABLP page and changed my colors to post-holiday coolness.  Then I guess I can set up my gaming machine that has a brand new video card, an LED fan, and THREE 320G hard drives in it.  Then maybe I’ll write about my Best Buy experience on Saturday and going to Dad’s to work on the computer.  If I’m not exhausted by then, I may crochet for a while or work on the computer “art” I got from my dad.  I could also hang up the hooks I got on Saturday for our hats (because our hats are awesome and make great decorations while they aren’t being worn.)

Yes, I am ignoring the kids.  I want them to be so damn bored that they are ecstatic about going back to school.  It’s my super-genius plan to make them enjoy school. 😉

Home Management Reviews

22 06 2009

When I left my job, my resignation stated that I had received a promotion to VP of Home Management or something like that.  I have had co-workers who now work for Homeland Security, so my boss thought that I’d landed a kick-ass, high power government job.

After he put his eyeballs back in his head, I explained that really, I was just going to be a stay at home mom.  Since then, I’ve used my extraordinary problem solving skills to get the house running smoothly so I can spend time with the kids and my computers.

I tried out two new products today, hoping to make my life easier, lessen the clean-up time, and start delegating responsibilities to the kiddos.  One was great, the other was not so great.

For the great one:  Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

I used it in our sunroom/dining room today and wow.  It cleaned my antique wood table, the glass and the wood on the china cabinet, and the glass end table in the little conversation nook.  I like how the lid is built into itself – it just turns to open and close – because lids ALWAYS get lost, then fall to the floor, then get crunched by a dog or a shoe.  Also, it’s not stinky.  I got the Lavender scent because Rainstorm anything makes me shudder.  It still smelled like cleaner, but it wasn’t that overpowering “I can taste this in the back of my throat” kind of smell.

I like that you can use it on electronics.  Remember, kiddos, stay away from putting glass cleaner on your LCD screens.  This is what made me choose the Pledge brand over the Endust brand.  It’s not too sticky and doesn’t saturate a paper towel with just one spray.  I used a total of three paper towels to clean the sunroom.

The total flop:  Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Bathroom Wipes

Wow, there are so many things that make this not worth the money or effort.   I’ll just list them numerically:

1.  The top is hard to open

2.  The threader (wet wipe style) shreds the cloths

3.  Unrolling a cloth to get it to a wipe sort of shape is nearly impossible

4.  I get the feeling that they found already-biodegraded paper to make these out of

5.  They definitely aren’t strong enough to wipe down the bathroom

6.  The cleaner leaves a weird soap scum feel on your hands and it doesn’t seem to wash off

7.  It smells icky

8.  Regular old TP with nothing on it cleans up the toilet seat better than this

I think I’ll stick to castille soap, vinegar, and a washrag to clean the bathroom.  I’ll probably let Shaun have a try at it and see if he can get a single wipe out without shredding it into little bits. I don’t think he’ll be able to since it looks like they come pre-shredded.