sketchbook project

25 08 2010

Y’all may or may not have seen my new header.  It’s taken from my 2010 Sketchbook at Art House Co-op.

I’ll be sharing pictures as I get it done on here, on Facebook, and on Art House Co-op’s site.  (Come be my FB friend!  I’m awesome in real time and normally post all kinds of fuckwaddery during the day.)

I’m binding the book with pink and green duct tape.  That makes it automatically cooler than yours.  I also got some plaid duct tape which may go on the back cover.

If you’re doing the project too send me your link.  I want to have buddies.




2 responses

26 08 2010

Love it…if it wasn’t for this stupid lawsuit, I would totally friend you up on facebook; but of course the lawyer said that was a no no!!

26 08 2010

That sucks. When we were going through the foster/adoption process we had to keep everything locked down too. It nearly drove me nuts! I hope it gets over with quickly and works out well. *hugs*

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