10 new things

10 08 2010

It’s been a crazy ass week and weekend.  Yesterday I spent all day in bed, today I’ve been to the doctor and come back, and tomorrow maybe I’ll do something other than try and catch up on Google Reader.  So, 10 new things:

1.  My sister is married!  It was an adorable little ceremony at their home and was followed by tons of food and lots of laughing.  Her son peeked up her skirt (a short one) as soon as she turned to the pastor and showed the entire audience her ass.  It was awesome.

2.  All my kids go to school.  LJ started 4th grade, Alyssa is in 1st and E-baby is in Kindergarten!  It’s an adjustment for me to get used to the house being quiet and Nick Jr not being on all day.

3.  I love my doctor because he uses computers instead of paper files.  Today I nearly cried because he said he’d rather write stuff down instead of use the stupid program that makes him click 500 times to do one thing.  I was happy that my brain said “more than 5 clicks pisses off end-users” and sad that he admitted he didn’t see why computer files are better than handwriting on paper.

4.  Writing the above sentence made me feel kind of like I’m cheating on my love of Levenger.

5.  I’m supposed to pee in a sieve.  That’s probably why I’m still holding my pee.  I forgot to ask what to do if I caught anything.

6.  My house only has big dogs in it for company.  There are cats and birds too, but they nap during the hot part of the day.  Fuckers.  The dogs try to play with me like I’m a big dog but when I yell “don’t eat me!” they get all excited and nom me anyways.

7.  When people hear that my youngest child is in K now, they almost always say “are you ready to try for another one?”  Logistically, we could house and feed 4 kids… but then logic kicks in.  Like I don’t have a uterus and I really, really do not want to go through the foster to adopt process again.

8.  The internet broke itself while I was offline.  Gmail thinks it’s a real program and wordpress got these happy ass drop-down menus that make it “streamlined” but also harder to use and fucking annoying.  Twitter on my phone forgot my password.  However, the pirate bay seems to be online and running faster than normal.

9.  I learn better by reading than watching videos.  This isn’t new but I wish some sites would realize that they can’t just publish 5 new videos a week and call it training.

10.  I traded rush hour in ATL for sitting in a car rider lane at 2 schools.  Today, I think rush hour in ATL may have faster times.  Tomorrow will be interesting because BOTH schools are letting out at the exact same time and I’ve yet to figure out how to be in two places at once.  Well, actually we have psych appts tomorrow so it won’t matter.  So there!




2 responses

10 08 2010

Congrats on your sister’s wedding…kind of reminds me of mine. My ring bearer had to pee during the ceremony so the Pastor put the ceremony on hold for him to go to the bathroom….during that time he started talking about how a marriage is more than sex and the exchange of sexual juices! We were referred as the wedding that had the porno pastor for quite a while….I would have rather shown my bare ass than have the conversation that occurred during those 5 minutes of hell during the pee break!!!

11 08 2010

LOL her ring bearer didn’t have any clean undies so he finally just walked down the aisle commando style. I’ve been in one of those awkward pastor sex talks so I feel your pain! Loud thumping music is bad for the libido but praying during sex is good… *blush*

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