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16 07 2010

Tomorrow I start cutting down on the amount of Effexor I’m taking.  I still feel really funky today but more like myself.  I’ve had a lot of problems peeing since I stopped taking the Lyrica and my bladder is reminding me that a year ago it was encased in endometriosis and is still pissed off about having it’s pillow snatched off.  I do have the world’s flattest stomach right now.  Not eating paired with the muscle lockdown in my abs have done wonders for my little pudge.

Time seems to go buy so fast during the day but when I look at my calendar of when to take what medicines, it feels like forever.  It was only 2 days ago that I wrote “not good” on the calendar because I could barely make it out of bed.  It feels like eons ago.


Yesterday I read Greg Isles Black Cross for 6 hours straight.  It’s a damn good book.  I’ve read it before and it’s still stunning.  I’ll finish it up after I feed the kids lunch.  I only have 100-150 pages left.


I really hate being right at times.  I know God blessed me with superior intellect and a whole lot of skepticism but it astounds me how people don’t believe in basic caution.  I bitch a LOT about 4wheelers and kids because the danger is imminent.  Yesterday a friend of a friend’s kid was airlifted to the hospital because of an ATV accident that closed an entire highway for hours.

There’s a reason – A REASON – these things aren’t allowed on the roads AND only licensed drivers are allowed to use them.  It’s BECAUSE they’re dangerous and kids are stupid.  I have mixed feelings about this kid becoming street pizza.  I’m angry at his parents.  I’m upset it happened.  I hope he gets better and doesn’t end up paying for this for the rest of his life.

I have family members that let their small children ride and drive these machines.  I have family that bought a full size one for their 6 year old’s birthday.  And I can’t fucking believe it.  I don’t want to go to my niece’s funeral.  I don’t want to see flowers on the side of the road that mark a grease spot that used to be a child.

I may be over-cautious but dammit, I’m right about this!  Kids don’t belong on ATVs or off-road vehicles because time and time again these things flip, are hit by other vehicles, eject the passenger and driver, and blow up.  Those all sound like not fun things to me.  There’s got to be safer ways to get a thrill…

But I guess what are good Christians going to do to get a thrill and avoid hell?  Drugs and sex with people you aren’t married to are out.  Roller coasters and theme parks cost a lot.  Video games turn you into an evil, fat basement dweller.  Even Disney movies are out.  I guess the possibility of a living hell in a burn unit are much more agreeable to some folks.

I really hate humanity at times.




2 responses

16 07 2010

I hope you start to feel a bit better. I have been in bed for the past week and have not got up for anything. Living like this sucks…hopefully oneday they will find a way for us to live a bit better and enjoy life a little more.

Sorry about the friend’s kid…ATVs and kids do not mix. I would rather have mined pissed at me for not being able to ride one than to be smeared on the street for others to gawk at.


16 07 2010

Eventually the meds will get worked out for both of us! Either that or we’re going to have to start a crack & champagne diet.

And yeah, my kids are pissed at me a lot for saying no to things. I couldn’t even watch when Shaun had sparklers out at 4th of July. I’ll pay for therapy later in life. 😉

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