hot messy

17 06 2010

It’s 150 degrees outside here in GA.  In my house, my oasis, it’s about 60 degrees.  The boys both have their robes on but me and Chickpea seem to have the estrogen fueled internal heat going on.  Even the boy cats are out in the sunroom because they think the house is too cold.

I mean, I’m flushed with a heat rash across my neck and my toes aren’t even blue.  They were nice and blue for the doctor visit yesterday so he got to see my Raynaud’s Phenomenon in it’s glory.  My fingers even turned purple for him and my pulse was at 110 bpm.  Thank you body, for not making me look like a liar.  The psoriasis that had disappeared for my last visit even showed up in all it’s grossness.  I really hate my body sometimes.  If I weren’t so damn hot, I’d probably just live in a hut and spend all my money on rum and bullets.  Instead, I try to take care of myself and treat these stupid symptoms.

Chickpea’s aid is supposed to come in just a few minutes so I wiped on some deodorant real quick.  I haven’t bothered to put on real clothes or fix my hair, so I look a little like I rolled out of bed.  I wish I had just rolled out of bed, but today brought me a nice wave of OCD and anxiety.

THEN my right ovary started stabbing me from the inside out!  FUCK!  Since I don’t have a uterus, I tend to forget I even have ovaries.  I like it that way.  They never worked anyways, so why should I pay attention to them like they deserve some kind of internal organ of the year award?  I poked it back a few times and told it to STFU and GTFO.  Then I took a pain pill and a B vitamin (trying to calm my nerves) and I’m trying to ignore it.  I swear, if it gives me another cyst that ruptures, I’m gonna… I don’t know.  I can’t think up something suitable.

I can’t talk about being a hot mess without mentioning my hair.  I’ve been “going natural” which is something I see a lot on the african american blogs I read.  My hair texture isn’t close to that, but it’s definitely mixed.  Lately, I’ve been trying to keep it cut close to my head and having the stylist thin it out with the razor.  I also switched to Aveda products and since then, it’s gone back to it’s natural texture.

That means it’s not quite sure which race box to check either.

The hair on the back of my head sticks straight out.  The hair on top of my head is super volumized and very wavy.  On the sides, some strands corkscrew curl and some just prop up the waves on top.  I just pull it into a Bam-Bam ponytail on top of my head and try and smooth the sides and back down when I sleep.  If I go out, I’ll try and clip it down but it always springs free.  The past few days have been very David Bowie in Space.

What is this post about again?  Oh, hot messes.  I am one.  I’ll try harder tomorrow if my ovary cooperates.




One response

17 06 2010

A hot mess…that sounds like me. I have not taken a shower in the past three days and have been in bed with a migraine…I think I will take your hot mess hair and a painful ovary anyday 🙂

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