Google Trends on Touchdown Jesus

15 06 2010

Thank you, Google Trends.  I already didn’t know whether it was alright to laugh about a Styrofoam Jesus burning down outside my husband’s home town.  Like…

Can they rebuild in 3 days?

Apparently Jesus prefers soccer to American football.

Now it’s trending topic is “on fire.”

No, I still can’t call it Terminator Jesus.  Let me work up to that.

Update:  After clicking on some of those links, I learned that this was a 16,000 lb structure made with a metal interior.  It was built in 2004 and by its location was the tallest thing around.  It was a lightning rod.

I’m surprised it took 6 years to turn into a giant torch.  I wonder if this was like balloon boy in really slow motion.  6 years ago, they installed this viral media generator and then nothing happened.

They waited and waited and waited and finally on some random Tuesday before Obama drove by, lightning struck.  Or something.

Google is eating my brain.




2 responses

17 06 2010

Is this the Jesus by I75 that burned? Or am I thinking of something else?

17 06 2010

That’s the one! It’s just outside of Cincinnati. (sp?)

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