spa at home

3 06 2010

Last time I was at Best Buy I was avoiding the salespeople who wander the floor (as usual) and I found myself in a back corner where the computer speaker sets were.  I had been looking for a new set since my Logitech ones bit the dust and the Sony set I bought to replace them sucks balls.

I found something that quickly has become my favorite possession – the Bose Companion 2 speakers.  It has no external subwoofer (which I love) and they sound AMAZING.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Last week I got a “Relaxation Music Collection.”  I really needed some white noise.  Our walls are thin, the house is small, my kids are big and they’re all loud.  Anyway, it’s different types of music based on your mood set to nature sounds.  I really like the summer creek one* because it’s mostly birds chirping and makes the doves think they’ve got an audience.  They’re so cute!

Today has been A Rough Day.  I woke up about 3 this morning hurting so badly I couldn’t lay down, then Shaun discovered the cars had been broken into.  The kids were BAD all day, my heating blanket died, and the pain would not stop no matter what meds I took.  (Later the doctor did get me a muscle relaxer so I’m waiting on that to kick in.)

After lunch, I put the kids down for nap.  I kicked all the animals out of my bed and I cranked up my summer creek MP3.  I turned off all the lights and closed the curtains and crawled in between the sheets.  Then I pretended I was at Chateau Elan in one of the facial rooms waiting on my treatment.

Can you believe I slept for 30 minutes?  It was so nice.  So, so nice.

Then I woke up to a kid banging on my door.  They had to go to the bathroom.  The bathroom they walked past to get to my room.

But I slept for 30 minutes in my little home spa!  Score!

*It’s also great because it makes my bladder work.  Peeing without pain is so satisfying!  Pro tip: drink lots of water, listen to creek noises.




2 responses

3 06 2010

Thank goodness for white noise…otherwise, my frickin sad sorry fibromite ass would be in more pain than I can handle….but who the hell am I kidding, I am on Methadone for god sakes!

3 06 2010

Gah, when it hurts too bad to take a bath something has to give! Our last white noise machine (Chickpea’s old baby soother) went capoot a while back and it’s truly amazing how much difference it makes.

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