morons in the night

3 06 2010

Sometime last night, some fucking idiots broke into our cars!  I figure they were kids looking for a fast score or some cash because they only took the faceplate of one stereo, an iPod tether, and some CDs.

They didn’t take either pair of designer sunglasses that retailed for over $600 together.

I am so damn tired of the fucking spawn of cuntwaffle grown-ups in this neighborhood!  They were cute 10 years ago when we moved in but now they’re in their teenage asshole years where it’s still cool to drink and smoke pot with their fucking asshat friends.

We’ve had the same problem with these kids driving dirt bikes and 4wheelers up and down the streets of the subdivision then off through the yards and the field at the back of the house.  We’ll call the cops and they’ll stop for about a week then be right back at it. So they aren’t just fuckers and assholes – they’re rednecks too.  I feel crotchety when I say it, but don’t they have any respect?

A couple years ago, neighborhood brats egged the house and my truck.  Having more schools in the immediate area has been a mixed blessing.  It’s nice to have a school across the street, but if you cut through the woods, there’s a high school full of little fuckers.

Where are these little fuckers’ parents?  This shit isn’t “just a prank” – these are CRIMES.

And DAMMIT, I want that faceplate to the stereo BACK!  The unit doesn’t work without it and a replacement costs as much as another head unit.  They can keep the rest of the bullshit they stole – it’s worth just about nothing.




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3 06 2010

I am one of your fellow fibrotalk members. I am sorry this happened to you. I have to say…I absolutely love how you do not hold back in your posts. I write a blog as well; on Tuesday I unleashed a bit of fury that I have been feeling.

Don’t ever censor yourself…I love your open style of writing so much that now I am going to get your feed daily.

Maybe these little shits will be caught and these little fuckers will see the appropriate punishment. Don’t get your emotions caught up on them…they do not deserve your time or energy at all!

Keep up with the venting 🙂

3 06 2010

Yay, a fibro friend! 😀 I’m glad you clicked the link and I’m visiting your blog too.

We are so blessed that we brought in all the electronics and stuff last night before we went to bed! I talked to my sister earlier and she said that a while back her car was broken into and they took over 100 cds she had in a case under the seat. She told the cop at $14 a CD, that’s a felony theft!

I wish my granny were here – she’d beat the little shits with a broom! What can I say? It’s a long family line of short, feisty women. 😀

22 06 2010
friendly neighbors | The Abused Book Liberation Project

[…] All y’all know our little corner of suburbia has sucked ass lately because you read about morons in the night.  I know that kind of shit happens everywhere which is why I haven’t planned on moving […]

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