melodrama & bathrooms

30 05 2010

Chickpea has a fine future as an actress.

She’s starting to understand I don’t think that’s cute.

LJs birthday was last Friday and part of his present from Shaun’s parents is an overnight stay at their house and they’re going to a museum tomorrow.  We got him packed, everything ready and he went to say goodbye to Chickpea and E-baby.

LJ is a very sensitive soul.  He cries over dead slugs.  He takes every word to heart.  I was trying to shoo him out of the house without saying goodbye to the little kids.

Why?  Because I didn’t want him dwelling over them being left at home (oh, so sad) with their parents and toys.   I knew their response would be somewhere between jealousy and spite.

He wouldn’t be shooed though, so he went to say bye to A&E and E-baby said “ok, see you later.”

Chickpea threw herself against the closet door and grabbed the knob.  She sobbed “I’ll miss you so much!  I’ll have no fun because you’re not with me and I’ll be ALONE!!!”  Then she slid down the door to her knees and wailed like she’d just learned her husband wasn’t coming back from war.

LJ looked like someone had just killed his favorite slug.  I pulled him away from her and whispered in his ear that he shouldn’t worry about her and that everything would be fine and he’d have lots of fun.  He looked unsure, but he went along with it.  I went back to her room and told her “whatever you’re doing, it didn’t work.  Now you look stupid with your face all red, snot pouring out of your nose, and I’m putting a note in your journal because you hurt LJ by doing that.”  Then I left.

Finally, about 5 minutes later she quit the tantrum and went back to her magnadoodle.

Every day that I’m a parent, I forgive my parents a little more for the ways they screwed me up.

In other news, I’m making a lot of progress in the master bedroom and bathroom.  I was going to do a deep scrubbing of a room a day, but this past week I just couldn’t do it.  A more realistic goal would be a room a week.  I’d have everything deep scrubbed just in time to start over!

Since I’ve had to cut my dose of Effexor in half, the OCD symptoms are coming back.  That’s good for the house.  Not so good for my lower back.  Here’s how it’s looking so far.  I want something masculine but warm.  Our house is about the size of one of those IKEA displays of “how to live in x amount of square feet” so I’m also coming up with ways to store things in creative ways.  What do you think so far?

(I’m going to try out this gallery thingy, but I’ll put the full size ones on my flickr page.  It’s linked on the left side of the blog.)

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