the last week in books

19 05 2010

I had some interesting books show up on my book list this past week.  Some I’ve read before, some are newbies.  There are a few that I was just looking for a comforting, trashy read to escape into while I took a hot bath.

  • Chainfire, Phantom, and Confessor by Terry Goodkind – I’ve read them before but Shaun was finishing the series so I wanted the story to be fresh in my head so we could talk about the awesomeness.  It’s totally nerdy to talk about Ordenic Theory but it makes him much more sexy.   He’s started The Law of Nines and I expect further great conversation!
  • Killer Smile by Lisa Scottoline – I still don’t understand what it had to do with smiling but it was a great mystery novel.  I love how the main character works through solving a murder from decades before and immersing herself in research.
  • A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Don Miller – he wrote Blue Like Jazz and is totally awesome.  This book was more disjointed, I believe on purpose, but it got the point across that experiences are better than stories.  It was hard to read during all this medical stuff because I’m coming to terms with not being able to do the physical stuff that takes you to beautiful things in nature.  No hiking, biking, riding rapids, or swimming to unique areas with my loved ones for me.
  • Midsummer Magic, Calypso Magic and Moonspun Magic by Catherine Coulter – these were the first romance novels I ever read as a teenager.  It’s a good thing I read quickly because I hid in the library with Moonspun Magic and read it in two visits.  Now, I have the new publications of the trilogy which are FULL of editorial errors.  That just pisses me the fuck off that just because they have new covers, no one went through and made sure punctuation and typos were fixed.  They were fine in the first editions – how’d they fuck it up in the later issues?
  • Fibromyalgia for Dummies – I’m still working on reading through it but it pisses me off as well as giving me some good information.  It’s hard to get through because my brain rebels at the factual information that they left out.  I think I’ve talked about it before in this blog so I won’t get into it again.

I think there was an Iris Johansen book and a David Baldacci book somewhere in there but I’ve already reshelved them.  They probably deserve their own entry anyways.




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