my new make up routine

19 04 2010

As part of my “feel more fabulous about myself” initiative for 2010, I’ve been experimenting with make-up routines that are fast but look great.  I’ve got the “going out” look down pat.  This is me and my gorgeous sister at Easter.

Going casual was more of an issue.  Lately I just haven’t even bothered with make-up if I have to go out but when I get in the car, I notice I look exhausted and sickly.  In this pic, I still look tired, but hey – I don’t look anemic and that’s a plus!  And yes, that’s my natural eye color.

First, I got my hair cut back to it’s normal style.  I had been trying to grow it out again because I love wearing hairsticks.  The weight of long hair just isn’t worth it any longer and I found I wore hats all the time anyways.  I went to Aveda’s Pure Salon and had my hair colored and cut (chestnut brown with black low-lights) and it is so easy to take care of!  Somehow, my eyes always stand out more when I wear my hair dark.

For the skin, I used Sonia Kashuk’s tinted moisturizer in light (which is WONDERFUL) and NARS Orgasm all in one stick on my cheeks and on the inner corners of my eyes.  A touch of black mascara, a coat of Buxom lip gloss and I was ready to go! I left this picture unphotoshopped just because I’m so happy with how my skin looks lately!  I’ve been using Garnier Nutrise’s rollerball moisturizer followed by the calendula cream and it has done wonders for all my little dry spots.  I just need to find something to make my eyes look less dark on the outside edges.

I wanted to wear the earrings Amber had made for me but I had to re-pierce both ears yesterday (my holes close up super fast) and figured my gold hoops would work well.  Later on the way out of Publix, something caught one of the hoops and ripped it out of my ear.  It didn’t tear all the way through but it still hurt like crazy!  I never did find it, either.  The Lost Sock fairy strikes again!  I guess it is a good thing I didn’t wear the ones Sister made…

This concludes my fluffy post.  I’m reading Fahrenheit 451 right now and I have some thoughts on doing a “word fast” that I’ll write about later.  Right now, I need a nap because I barely slept at all last night.  I caught a few mis-used homophones in this post while proof reading this post, so I’m sure there are more.  I’d be greatly pleased if you’d point them out in the comments!




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