it’s not a disability, it’s a tool!

14 04 2010

I’m about 50 pages into Meditation for Dummies.  It’s cool and interesting and as I’m learning the theory and philosophy along with the mechanics – I have a thought.

Well, I have more than one thought but one stands out.

Giving a person with OCD a book on meditation is probably not wise.  Superficially, you think “hey, less stress and anxiety for a person with an anxiety disorder sounds like a great idea!”

One of the symptoms of OCD is ritualized recital of a prayer or mantra meant to relieve anxiety.  See where there might be a problem?  I guess as long as I’m a happy crazy person, I’ll at least be benign.

On the other hand, I have an unusual knack for concentration and control due to the OCD.  I have an increased awareness (hypervigilance) of my body and surroundings and an incredible memory.  So is it an illness or a skillful tool?

Am I mentally unstable or unusually gifted?

Is the OCD going to put a beat down on me because I got the eBook instead of a book with pages?  I mean, where do you put your bookmark or do you have to just remember the page you were on?  Is there a way to mark your place in a PDF file?




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