Bliss vs. Lavera

24 03 2010

Lord knows I’m always on the hunt for a moisturizer that works, is good for sensitive skin, and doesn’t cause my skin to turn into a flaky bumpy panic monster.  I adore Jurlique Calendula cream but my budget does not adore it.

The past couple of weeks, I’ve actually found 2 that work very well.  One I found at Target in their organic makeup section and the other came as a sample with my Sephora order.

I normally don’t like the bliss creams because they’re too harsh.  My skin goes OH HOLY CRAP, WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THAT????  I figured I’d try this because it has vitamin C in it and do you know how hard it’s getting to find a vitamin C serum these days?

This is nice though.  It’s like a creamy gel sort of stuff and it absorbs right away.  I don’t feel itchy or greasy and it works ok at clearing up the dry patches of eczema that I get around my jawline.  It takes about a dime sized amount to cover my entire face and neck.  It works well enough that I looked up the full size on Sephora today and it’s $54 for 1.7 oz.

Next up is the Lavera calendula balance creme.  Target just started carrying this brand and even Amazon only offers it through their Target, LLC seller.

I love calendula because it does just about everything and is sensitive enough to use on diaper areas of babies.  I got a facial once at Chateau Elan and the girl hawking the Jurlique products said “it’s gentle enough to use on your vagina!”  Oh, thanks!  I need a facial creme for my vagina!

But really.  Calendula creams tend to even out my skin tone.  Since I’m not all white (as a race – as a color, I’m about as pale as it gets), I get sun spots after 5 minutes in the sun and at 15 minutes I turn into a lobster.  So not being a speckled egg is a definite plus.  The negative of calendula is that it will fade your tattoos.  Seriously.  It’s that intense of a healing solution.  I tend to rub moisturizer all over my boobies and it faded the yellow in my rubber ducky so much I had to have him redone.

This creme is nice and light.  It smells exactly like an orange creamsicle.  It goes on even, feels great, and is all over a nice moisturizer.  It just takes a hell of a lot to cover your entire face – about a dime sized amount.  In a 1 oz bottle, that lasts about 2 weeks.  It’s $19.99 for 1 oz.

I think I’ll stick with Lavera for a while.  The bliss stuff is nice but not $54 nice!  Besides, I’m at Target quite often and Sephora not so much.  So there, bliss cream!  If you weren’t as expensive, you’d actually have a product I approved of.  Good going!




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