13 03 2010

Cami laid an egg on March 4th!  I’m keeping a diary of it because it’s her very first egg.  I hope it’s a real chick and not just a dud egg.  Normally doves lay 2 eggs at a time but this time we only got one.  She seemed like she was going to lay another for a day or two and never did.  Doves lay 30 eggs a year (15 clutches) and only half of them are fertilized.  They incubate them all, though, and won’t lay another set until the set in the nest has hatched.

What does this mean for our house?  Everything has revolved around The Egg.  The temperature of the house.  The humidity.  What time the lights get turned on and off.  Checking the nest to make sure the egg is still in it (it did somehow get flipped out once.)  Making sure Pete is happy on his roost.  Making sure Cami has enough calcium supplement in the food bowl.

It takes 14 days to incubate an egg, apparently, and this just means my crazy ass is going through the TTC stress all over again.  “Is it really a baby or did it not get fertilized?  Was the egg damaged at all when it fell?  Is everything just right?”  You know, I KNOW that birds do this all the time in the wild without any help or worrying and in less than prime conditions.

Then I read an article that said some female birds are infertile (all their eggs are duds) and that the male half of their matched pair will reject the female.  Normally doves mate for life like geese do.  I’m really hoping my bad egg curse/karma/craziness doesn’t affect them.  All our furry animals are neutered and spayed so it doesn’t matter.  Now I’m spayed too… and the birds are the only potentially reproductive pair.

Anyways, here’s a picture of Cami and Egg just after it was laid.  I’ve hesitated to take pictures since because I don’t want to scare Pete off his roost.  He’s already such a good birdie daddy!

I really hope there’s a baby bird in there!



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