This TV is gigantic. This title is obvious.

2 03 2010

The end of February is bonus time at work.  I use “work” in the general sense because the company Shaun works for is the company I was employed by for 8 years.  He’s getting pretty close to 10 years so most of our adult life this company has been “work.”

Normally the bonus covers taxes and insurance on the house and sometimes the cars.  This year it dropped into our account and we both said this:



Are they for real?

I think they are.

Then we finally recovered from the shock and looked at it again.  It was still there and still bigger than we’d seen before.

Time out for a second.

This is the TV that resided in our house.  It’s technically my Dad’s because his Aunt Loys helped him get it and it was his first big TV.  (Yes, we get sentimental about electronics around here.  I still have my TI-85.)  It’s a 36″ screen and big as fuck.  By big as fuck, I mean it weighs nearly 200 lbs give or take a ton. When Dad got his new plasma, he let us use the big’un.  We had to go to IKEA and buy a stand that could hold 200 lbs and was big enough to set this giant on.

OK, time back in.

Shaun has been blatantly hinting for a little over a year that he needs a flat screen.  A big one.  I agreed with the flat screen part but not so much with the big one part.  I’m thinking 42″ max.  I agreed that since he met all his goals and kicked ass in 2009, that now would be a good time to get his flat screen.  I’m actively pushing for moderation, though.  A wife’s gotta try, right?

We shop online, look at prices and settle on HH Gregg.  That’s where my dad got his and they were exceptionally nice and they have great prices.  Also, I think the salespeople work on commission so they’re looking to make the sale especially if you drop in 30 mins before closing on a Friday night.

We wanted a plasma instead of an LCD because the technology is more stable.  We plan on a TV lasting at least 10 years and I’m the kind of gal who won’t buy a brand new model of a car because they’re still working on the bugs.  Anyways, HH Gregg had like 4 plasmas on sale and we preferred Samsung and Phillips/Magnavox screens.  That took us down to 2 models.

One was 42″ and the other was 50″.  Shaun stands there staring at the 50″ like he’d never seen a TV before.  Plus, it’s a Samsung.  Plus, it’s on sale.  Plus, it has those ambient lights. Plus, it’s got lots of USB and HDMI ports and all that cool shit.  Plus, you can buy a wireless dongle and make it the monitor for your laptop.  (I know I’m quickly losing the moderation war.)

On the showroom floor, it doesn’t look that big.  You think “hey, maybe that 50″ would look nice in our living room.” The little voice in the back of your head says “you measured the stand before you left the house.  That bitch ain’t gonna fit.”  The voice looking at the TV says “we can make it work.  We make lots of stuff work.”

Then the clincher – the salesperson comes up and says “I just checked our inventory and the one you’re looking at right now is our last one.  Because it’s the display model, we’ll sell it to you for this price.”  He handed Shaun a piece of paper and we looked at it and looked at the price tag on the wall and the price tag on the 42″.

Shit. The war for moderation is over.

Now I have to figure out how to fit a big ass flat screen in the back of the Durango WITH 3 children.  It was tight, but with the 3rd row folded down and some prayer we got it into the truck.  We got it home and carried it in and set it in the floor.*

We have an unforseen problem.  This thing is as big as our loveseat and weighs about 75 lbs.

That’s not too bad, actually.  To men, bigger is better and as long as it fits in between this wall and that one, it’s not too big.

The problem is the 200 lb TV is on the stand this thing needs to set on.  It took some creative angling and one super power lift from Shaun to get the old one on the floor (on a blanket of course – I don’t need my floors scratched.)

Shaun started in on the cables which meant it was my turn to leave.  I don’t do cable management but I know just enough about how to set up an AV system to be a total bitch.  20 minutes later I hear “Cyndi, get in here!!!”

All I could do was laugh.  It overhangs the stand by an inch on either side and our very first HD moment is someone on the Olympics making the DURRR face.

After watching it for almost a week now, I  understand why movie theaters are seeing drops in ticket sales.  We’ve got surround sound and a big ass TV and some leather IKEA couches we can chill on with the cocktail of the night and a bowl of ice cream.  The kids can play in the floor* and the bathroom is just a few steps away.

We watched Robin Williams’ Weapon of Self Destruction on Sunday night and it was awesome.  Dang, even I’m excited about this monstrosity!

*You wouldn’t believe the amount of shit I catch for saying “in the floor.”  I know it’s actually ON the floor but I grew up round here and I’m writing it the way it sounds in my head.  The kids play in the floor.  Sometimes I lay down in the floor.  When acrylic resin gets easier to produce, I’m gonna make a floor with stuff “in” it so people who take me literally can STFU.




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