Shock & Roxy

27 02 2010

I got Timbaland’s new album Shock Value II and it’s a very well made album.  You know that when Timbaland puts his name on something you don’t have to say “I like that track but…”  The bass doesn’t hit too hard, but it’s not too soft either.  The vocals are clear and no matter how fast the song is going, you can hear the lyrics.

This album is basically the reason I don’t like live shows.  It’s more fun to listen to perfected music than brave crowds to see a personality.  (Disclaimer: this is coming from the OCD geek girl who has been to maybe 5 live shows ever.)  This will definitely be one of the albums that gets rocked in both cars and on my main PC.

Tonight I will dream that TFK gets Timba to produce a track.   They need a little more rap in their rap core style.  Then somehow the Classic Crime would show up for some studio time, Skillet would come up with the video ideas, and Anberlin would show the folks what a live show is about.

Let’s all pretend there is a well written transition between topics right here.  Alright, thanks baby.

I tested out splitting up my dose of OCD meds and it seemed ok.  I normally take them at night because they make me VERY loopy but around lunch the next day I’ve been hitting a hard spot.  I tried half a dose last night and half when I woke up this morning.  It was ok and I seem to have skipped the hard spot.  I’ll keep on trying probably through the next week and see how it does.

Since I was feeling good, we got dressed to do lunch and Wal-Mart.  I thought I was going to need to stay in-house since this experiment and planned on a Goodwill day.  We got some stuff cleaned out but never got to the actual store.  We met up with my sister and her baby (he’s 3) and we terrorized Wal-Mart for a little bit.

One thing’s for sure – if we looked like a field trip, we were repping the short bus.  That’s what happens when you get 4 genius children together.  They turn into retards.  At least they’re happy.

They took turns crawling up into my lap and going “X. Y.  Why does it say XY?  That’s not a word, Mommy/Auntie Cyndi.”  Eventually they’d zip my jacket up and go “OH, IT SAYS ROXY!!!!”


I was super cute today, so I skipped out and handed Shaun the camera and made him take super-model pictures of me.

Looking at the pictures, I feel like I need to work on my abs.  I know that’s crazy but it’s my version of body-hate.  Girls, if you feel like your body ain’t bangin’ then you just tell yourself to STFU and rock what you got.  It’s because you can put pictures of your so-called “soft spot” on the internet and most bitches who look will be thinking “damn, that girl’s got it.”

I should be more worried that I’m wearing a ninja shirt when I’m firmly on the pirate side.  Human rights, huh?  Ok, where’s my lesbian recruiter badge?  I just had it a minute ago.  Besides, ninjas everywhere are mad about my shirt because no self-respecting ninja would be caught in a hot pink body suit.  Damn.

Case in point (about body image – not pirate vs. ninja): my mom swam competitively like her entire life and so did her sister.  You could stand them next to each other and see two of the world’s hardest, strongest bodies even 30 years later.  Neither of them is happy with their body and my mom freaks out if she goes over 135.  The woman is 5’9″ and absolutely fucking crazy!

Today I got rid of a whole bunch of size 2 clothes that I wore a few years back.  I’m short so it’s not like a size 2 was unhealthy, but I’m a 6 now and that’s not unhealthy either.  I just can’t believe it took me YEARS to let go of those clothes that don’t fit.  Some things can’t be measured in numbers (the analyst in me hates this) and how your body looks and feels is one of those.

I’m pretty sure that feeling bad about your body comes standard with ovaries.  My little tiny self has a stained glass light bulb for the lamp next to my bed for getting freaky.  Why?  I’m fucking crazy.  I’ve been married to my man for almost 11 years and been with him since I was 15.  I still worry about what he’s thinking.  (Although the most a man is thinking when his woman is nekkid and getting closer is “dammit, YES!”)

Back on topic, Cyndi.  Come on girl, we just care about the clothes!

The hat is Roxy (my fave hat, btw) and the jacket is obviously Roxy.  The jeans are my favorite beat up Hydraulics and the tee came from a 2 for $20 deal at Kohl’s.  The hat matches my camo and hot pink bikini (Kenneth Cole Reaction) and my pink Skull Candy headphones. My hat also has a dime pocket on the side and I’m not telling my kids (or my mom) that it’s for anything other than a coin.  Ever.

See a trend?

I did choose to wear my brown Pumas.  I have hot pink Rocket Dog boots but I decided not to spend all my flashy at Wally World.

The OCD in me wants to buy some Rocket Fish product now so I can have a Rocket Fish logo near my Rocket Dog sticker that came with the boots.  (Levenger and Woot – you owe me some fucking stickers!  Those are logos I’d stick to the back of my truck!)

Just to piss off the fashionistas at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s (hold on, I’m choking on my Diet Coke) I carried my red leather purse with my hot pink fabulousness.  It’s Asiatic rhinoceros hide or some shit and I’ve carried it on and off for years.  It just happened to be the one I toted yesterday so it went with me today too.

Ladies, spend your money on a quality bag instead of looking for labels.  Those sales at Wilson’s Leather aren’t a joke.  Go in and find a sturdy bag with sturdy hardware and check for a quality lining.  It’ll make you happy a lot longer than a LV dongle on the zipper would.

Now here’s my normal disclaimer in closing:  I carried a diaper bag with an Andy Warhol print of a .38 pistol on it.  I have a tattoo that says ARSON and I describe my job to strangers as “hacker.”  I’m a great example of swagger. Maybe not such a great example of how to be a stylish adult. But, girls, let me tell you – you get more views if you piss people off.  It works online and off.  You want to blend in or you want to say “I just confused the FUCK out of that girl!”

Know the difference, baby.  Know the difference.




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27 02 2010
Beauty is Diverse

Will check out his album I miss Timbaland and Missy making music together.

28 02 2010

You won’t be disappointed! I checked out your site and it’s GORGEOUS! Thank God for RSS feeds. 😀

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