I hate writing gay fish posts!

25 02 2010

I really, really do hate writing posts that have to do with Kanye “gay fish” West.  All it does is add another Google tick-mark to his popularity ranking.  Shit.

Normally I can ignore his retarditity because when it comes down to it he’s just another stupid person with a big mouth.  THEN, he gets this model girlfriend NO ONE has ever heard of and makes her his “muse.”  Now she’s got the “I’m stupid and too busy loving myself to care” disease and is putting out pictures like this one.

She took a beautiful, artistic statement with cultural and historical meaning and ends up looking like she should be holding a fucking Wii controller.   Honestly, if she HAD updated it to a modern parody of the original and stood on a Wii Fit mat in front of a TV bigger than my house THEN it may not suck.  She’ll never match the fact that she’s not as tall and not as muscular as Grace Jones.  She doesn’t look athletic and polished – she looks like she’s about to yell “take the damn picture before I drop my heel!”

Then again, if she had gone for something based on art and pop-culture, she’d never remember why she posed for the picture either.  Lacking a sense of satire and parody is EXACTLY what causes you to end up on South Park being called a gay fish (or on South Park hiding in a closet.)  It’s much easier if she can just look at the camera from her fur coat and say “Grace is my role model, duh.”

Kanye, you need to get your bitch (and your mouth) under control.  Call Justin Timberlake if you’re too much of a pussy to do it yourself.




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