Dear Shirt.Woot

25 02 2010

Dear Shirt.Woot,

I am writing today to let you know of a disturbing occurrence.  Basement Cat highly approves of your packaging.  This may or may not mean your package is evil.  It may just mean that Basement Cat has a fetish for plastic.

Basement Cat has also informed me that if I call him that one more time, I’m likely to suffer the same fate as the bag (ripped apart and drooled on.)  He prefers his government name of Spooks.  He tolerates Spooky, Pookers, Pookie, and You Little Fucker.  The last person who called him Kitty was ignored.

Here is photographic evidence that the Cat Who Prefers Not To Be Called Basement Cat approves of your shipping material:



Official Cat Servant




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