scatter and clutter

1 02 2010

Do you ever look at Victorian styled rooms and think “how in the fuck did they fit all that shit in one spot????”

That’s pretty much my view on decorating.  Clean, simple, classic.  I dislike clutter very much.

You wouldn’t know this if you were to walk into my bedroom right now.  Yes, it does double as my home office and triple as my hackerspace.  Two walls ARE filled with bookshelves.  Yes, this is all true.

But I’ve been taking this “vertical storage” idea and seeing what I can do but now it’s turned into “all my shit is hung on the wall.”  Tim Gunn would say “think about how you edit.”

But Tim, this wall is for our Etsy inventory, office storage and Shaun’s hats.  This one is for circuit boards that aren’t in use and the Circas that hold my discography.  That wall is floor to ceiling bookshelves.  The wall behind you is where our headboard, TV, night stands and motherboard art go.  In the corner is my desk, my 3 computers (there are more in the house that aren’t mine), the printers, and hardware storage.

Any brilliant ideas for how to make my room less ADHD?




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