steroids make you funny

8 01 2010

Last night, I was talking to my sister and she was just laughing her ass off at me.  See, I’m on this steroid to help kick out the chest infection and they make me G-O-O-F-Y.  It’s like being a retard at 100 miles an hour.  We were on the phone and on facebook, shopping online for shoes.  It was totally fun and we didn’t have to leave the house or dress the kids or pack a diaper bag.  It was just FUN.  I love my sister. ❤  She’s awesomeness incarnate.

Today is another snow day and I’m just listening to the kids watch TV and play with blocks.  After I took my morning dose, my body went into hyper-drive and I started getting shit done.  Computer hooked up – check.  New lamp put next to bed, check.  Ordered some boots and leggings online, check.  Backing up my external drive (the other one was toast) onto the new server system, check.

I totally forgot to feed the kids breakfast.  *facepalm*

I think it’s time for my last dose… I need some energy to work on cleaning the bedroom and closet.




One response

9 01 2010

Getting shit done = awesome.

Also? JUST found your tweet about adding you to the blogroll…I suck at Twitter…adding you shortly. So sorry!!!

Happy 2010!

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