hell just froze over

6 01 2010

Hall County actually PROACTIVELY called a snow day.  They are releasing schools at noon tomorrow and will make a decision on whether school will be held on Friday or not TOMORROW MORNING.

Hell has just frozen over and every parent with a kid in a Hall Co school is stunned.  This school system is notorious for canceling school due to bad weather AFTER school has already started and then sending all the kids back home on the bus or announcing that school is closed 15 minutes before the day starts.

Have you ever heard Katt Williams say “everything”?

Well, everything is what Hall Co is closing tomorrow.  At noon, staff is leaving, the kids are leaving and the county is shutting the fuck down.  No extra-curricular activities, no after school care, nothing.  No YMCA.  Everything is closed.

In other news Kroger, Publix, and Ingles are out of bread, milk, and bottled water.




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