what was plan b again?

4 01 2010

I could have SWORN the kids went back to school today.  I got them all ready, meds and breakfast done, warmed up the car, bundled up against the 18 degree weather and took off.

What did I find?  The schools were EMPTY.  It’s a teacher work day today.


I was going to work on cleaning house today but no.  There’s no point in cleaning house when all the kids are home.  30 seconds after putting away the vacuum, a toy box explodes and dirt somehow finds its way into corners I didn’t even knew existed.

So… plan B.  I guess I’ll clean my bathroom (since it’s kid free) and wash my make-up brushes.  I may even photograph my antique books to post on here.  I already wrote an About TABLP page and changed my colors to post-holiday coolness.  Then I guess I can set up my gaming machine that has a brand new video card, an LED fan, and THREE 320G hard drives in it.  Then maybe I’ll write about my Best Buy experience on Saturday and going to Dad’s to work on the computer.  If I’m not exhausted by then, I may crochet for a while or work on the computer “art” I got from my dad.  I could also hang up the hooks I got on Saturday for our hats (because our hats are awesome and make great decorations while they aren’t being worn.)

Yes, I am ignoring the kids.  I want them to be so damn bored that they are ecstatic about going back to school.  It’s my super-genius plan to make them enjoy school. 😉




2 responses

6 01 2010

That IS a genius plan. It doesn’t work for like, a job, though.

6 01 2010

Sure it does. I am the queen of doing all my work in the first 10% of my day and then “looking busy” (aka fucking off) for the rest of it!

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