birds & bees

28 12 2009

Pete, the male diamond dove, has gone into mating season.  Apparently someone forgot to tell him that it’s fucking cold outside and birds should be hunting for seed not looking to score!  It must be nice to be young and horny.

If you’ve never heard a diamond dove mating call, then you’re in luck!  There’s this totally awesome youtube video of it.  I played it a few times this morning and Pete finally shut the fuck up.  Put it on loop at max volume and you’ll know what the last 48 hours have been like in my house.

…and to make it all the more fun, I’m finally getting over the plague and I’m coughing up all the mucus that has accumulated in my body.  Marbles of lime green slime.

Being a mom cured me of a lot of my sensitive stomach but lime green snot marbles still make me want to ralph.  So I did the smart thing – I took some Mucinex.  What they neglect to tell you is that the mucus has to come out SOMEWHERE.  Which means your poo will be extra greasy about 2 hours after your first dose.

So, fun stuff.  I’m a giant virus so I’ve been working on photoshopping for a bit.  If you look to your left, you’ll see some of the new pictures I’m getting on Flickr.  Or you could click this link.

I totally got some new clothes I need to blog about.  Lots of cutie t-shirts, an A.B.S. coat, and some new tights.  Pictures soon!




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28 12 2009
Aunt Becky

Now THAT sounds about as awesome as the past 24 hours in my house. Take out some nouns and replace them with others, and you’d have the right thought. It’s been…something.

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