chronic pain advice for consumers and doctors

18 12 2009

This page right here is a good one.  It has tons of valuable information in a well laid out and stated manner.

One thing I’ve found is that whether you’re a service professional of any kind (including the dirty kind) or a consumer, is that both people need to be treated like humans.  Sometimes we forget the other person is a human and at times we act like we are super-human.  We can neither elevate or demote a person from the simple fact that they’re a person.

Both people are professionals at something.  Both need to walk out of a meeting with their shoulders squared and with their appearance of respect intact.


One of the things that has eaten at me lately is this comment:  Given your state of mind…

My what?  My state of mind because I’m hurting? Or the one where I’m overwhelmed and stressed out even when I’m doing a small fraction of what I did 3 years ago.

It’s normally followed by this comment:  have you tried x thing?  You won’t know unless you try it and follow the directions precisely.

Oh yeah?  How about that whole infertility thing.  People actually told me “you just need to do it more often.”  This feels just like that time.  Why should I give up the small things that give me pleasure just because it MIGHT make everything better.  I MIGHT be wrong about Jesus but that doesn’t mean I’m going to convert to another religion just in case I may come back as a june bug.  I’ve tried enough “mights” and enough “it worked for people I know.”

How about a clinical trial where it worked?  How about something more than anecdotal evidence?  Ya know a few years ago I was so willing to try anything that may or may not work that I was using egg white as a lubricant.  Turns out my uterus was too fucked up to carry a baby – so how about we do some tests and maybe look at the results before you tell me that my diet is unbalanced and I need to give up cookies or chocolate or some other nonsense?

I’m just a human who has human emotions and lives a human life.  And I’ve got to live it!  What happens if I’ve given up everything that could be bad for me by the time I’m 40 and moved to a warm, humid climate and STILL hurt all the damn time?  What then?  Then I’m 40 years old, going out to rediscover the joys of Americanized Chinese food and slaw dogs at Dairy Queen.  By 45, I’ll be fat and diabetic just because I’ve been catching up at all the fun stuff.

My three life goals are to never be old, fat or ugly – so I guess that option is out.  You can put some slaw on that hamburger for me and yes, I’d like a super-sized soda.  Thanks.




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