decoration and destruction

11 12 2009

mantle with stockings

Originally uploaded by cyndollins

Normally, on our mantle we have our CD books that house the discography collection. (Remember the Circa that has where each CD is housed documented? It refers to those books.) On either side of the books were hurricane lamps that I picked up at Wal-Mart on clearance. Over them were photos of our trip to the aquarium in etched glass frames from Ikea.

Well… apparently faux leather and paint stick to each other. The first set of books I pulled down had to be pried off and in the accomplishment of that, I knocked over not only the hurricane lamp but the photos over it. The lamp shattered, the frame separated from the hanger on the back, and all that was left was a steel circle from the rim of the lamp.

After we cleaned everything up, I told Shaun that I was not removing the others. Either I was too short to get the proper leverage or my “don’t touch fragile things” karma was still in effect. He took off the ones in the middle and then had to pry off the one on the left.

It stuck.

It came loose.

It knocked down the other lamp.

The lamp took the photos with it.

All that remains is a stainless steel circle.

So, our living room was involuntarily redecorated. At least the clock wasn’t harmed in the hanging of Christmas stockings!




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