This nap is kid tested and Collie approved

8 12 2009

I may not have mentioned it before, but Chickpea’s psych eval says – and I quote – “this kid is too smart for her own good and if she’s not constantly challenged, she’ll create disaster and chaos every day of her life.”

So we signed her up for a dual-immersion charter school that teaches in 90% Spanish, 10% English and has a few hours of Mandarin Chinese a week. They do 9 hour days with no naptime in Kindergarten.

…and this, dear friends, is my beautiful angel not creating disaster and chaos.

After the afternoon nap, though, her reset button is hit and disaster and chaos reign once more.

*edited to add: her IQ is almost 30 points lower than mine. I was a TERRIBLE child even while learning Latin and Greek in elementary school. I could tell you with clinical accuracy how I was going to fuck shit up.

*also edited to add:  I really should reread my psych eval.  It was very entertaining to read the first time.  Our team at work had all our evals done and then we got team-building based on our psychological needs as a group…  yes, that went well.  Totally.




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