the math

3 12 2009

Me and my calculator are getting along right now.  We’re figuring out distances, money, per capitas…

Here’s the numbers as they look right now:

Type of gift I’m making as a “family” meme present:  1 in 8 different colors, 3 different sizes, and 18 different “styles”

Number to make: 18

Total money it would cost to buy products online for: $175

Per capita cost per gift: around $9

Number of gifts I need to make for the other side of the family: 3

Number of family members I’m NOT making gifts for: 3

Number of gifts I’ve completed: 0.5

How much it will cost: Hopefully, nothing.  I think I have all the supplies I need.

How much I spent on Christmas presents for the kids yesterday: $113

Number of presents I’m planning on for each kid: 10 + stocking stuffers

Number of presents bought: 2 for 2 of the kids, 3 for the other one

Yards of fabric I need: 21

Yards of fabric in my stash: No clue

Length of my yardstick: 4 ft.  (Really, is that weird?)

Days since I cleaned the house:  4

Days it took to get just as dirty as it was before: 2

Days it took to get my overnight shipping package from AT&T: 4

Boxes from AT&T that aren’t opened: 1

Number of MyBooks that still aren’t syncing with my computer: 2

Amount of storage on those MyBooks: 1TB

Cost of the 2 MyBooks 2 years ago: $250

Cost of a 1TB MyBook at Target right now: $89

Days I’ve had this headache… you do the math.




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