inappropriate superheros

29 11 2009

Somehow, in my list of things “I should be doing” always pops up “shit that I should not be spending time on.”

You know, it’s like I have 4 pipes to list, a website to build, some stuff to mail, and I’m making up names of inappropriate superheros.  Normally on Friday nights I have a beer and spam my Facebook friends with music videos.  This Friday night I didn’t have internet.

(Although during the downtime apparently someone saw this blog and got a point I was trying to make.  Thank you very much for visiting, ma’am.)

Saturday I sketched out (for my white friends: what a crackhead does when they haven’t had a fix) while stealing the neighbor’s wi-fi and we went to Best Buy and bought a modem/router unit.  AT&T’s “overnight” shipping means sometime in the middle of this next week we’ll get our corporately approved modem.  Bitch ain’t heard about my Netgear.

So it was Saturday night that I spammed my FB friends.  FB spam is important!  Anyways, back on topic, I was having 90s night and since I graduated in 99, I mostly remember music from 2000.  3 Doors Down’s Kryptonite got caught up in the mix and I pointed out that one should always put on your outfit BEFORE your hat otherwise your antennae will get fucked up.

Then, of course, I was LMAO while using superhero name generators.   Here are some of the better ones:

The Toast Mortician

Cosmic Asparagus

The Black Infection (apropos)

The Titanic Convulsion Machine (also appropriate for this past fucking week)

Unbeatable Sponge Crusher

The Almighty Saliva

The Indecent Swordsman (I want to meet this guy)

The Forgotten Onion

Cyber Sod

Super Chigger (this is the most awesome super-villain name EVER.)

The Swashbuckling Uvula

The Almighty Rump Trouncer (I also want to meet this guy)

Under Wanker (because Super Wanker needs a sidekick or a kleenex)

So tomorrow, I will do the actual real life stuff of suburban house-wifery.  Tonight I’m off to dream of the Indecent Swordsman.




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