24 11 2009

Right now, I’m waiting for the kids to finish breakfast and get them separated and squared away and then I’m going back to bed for a while! The last 4 days have been a blur of migraine pain, chest pain, passing out due to “a random syncope” ending up with a shot in the ass of demerol and phenergen.  At least they didn’t stick me in the Scottish war drum tube.

I’m trying to figure out which provider I’m going to use for Shaun’s website.  If you haven’t seen, his restored pipes have been amazingly well received.  His craftsmanship is beautiful!  The sites for pipes and pipe restoration that I’ve seen aren’t very… well designed.  Someone really needs to wrest MS Word from the person making their logos and then delete all the clip art.  Also, I have absolutely ZERO use for any site that promotes smoking anything but tobacco.  (You know, along with pipe supplies are “tobacco water pipes” and “custom glass art pipes.”)  This takes down the list of sites I use for reference to a little over a dozen.  I think there’s absolutely a niche for us on the web.

Should be fun.  If you have any suggestions on hosting services, I’d like to know!





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25 11 2009

Was just wondering how you’re doing. It’s been awhile.

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