NaNo Dares and Happy Monday

2 11 2009

Today is a happy day.

The doctor called in my meds and the pharmacy filled them.  I only had to make 1 phone call.

I took some Zomig today.  It’s a nasal spray and it normally gives me hiccups.  With my latest habit of vomiting after every ounce of food, I didn’t think this would go so hot.   It’s actually the REASON I didn’t take my migraine meds all weekend.  I was out of anti-vomit pills and I was pretty sure the Zomig would create a hiccup induced inferno.

So far I’ve gotten away with an itchy mouth and throat but thankfully no hiccups.  I actually attempted an ice cream sandwich and so far, it’s staying down.

957 words in NaNo today.  Not great – but not bad for not having a single plan or plotline ready.   I did grab some great dares to work in tomorrow.  Hopefully by then the disco lights are gone from my vision and I can see my computer screen without feeling like I’m tripping.

Here they are:

1. Use three and four word prayers.  (This is something I do daily.  They go “oh Lord Jesus.”  or “Holy Mother of God.”)

2.  Include a hedgehog.

BP if the hedgehog is on medication

TBP if the hedgehog is on psych meds

3.  Write story in first person w/ multiple characters narrating

4.  Use the lines “it happened because I was naked” and “It was when I was wearing my purple spandex pants.”

5.  Use a charachter w/ an urge to tell really inappropriate stories

6. A character dies due to an unfortunate accident with scissors

BP if they’re the zig zag type of scissors

7.  Have a character that starts every sentence with “Well, actually….”

And now, thanks to Happy Monday, and my migraine  meds, the text on this screen is kinda loooooopy.  My spatial reasoning skills have left the building.  I’ll be catching up tomorrow.






One response

2 11 2009

I left one out. Have an illicit pirate and ninja romance.

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