reoccuring nightmares

21 10 2009

Every 45 mins or so last night I was woken by nightmares.  Sooooper scary fucked up ones!

I was dreaming that I had been hired back on at the company I used to work for.  (I haven’t worked there in almost 2 years.)  I would get hired and get to my cubicle that was way too small to hold dual monitors – much less a keyboard – so I would have to balance things on boxes and put the keyboard in my lap.  I was forced to sleep there as well and my spot on the floor was between two guys I know for a fact are straight.  (My personal practice is to only sleep with girls or gay guys if beds must be shared.)

After I realized how badly it sucked (and it sucked differently every time) I would go to find the boss-person.  The boss-person ALWAYS hated me and tried to fire me but for some reason they couldn’t.  Me, having the winning personality I do, would then troll the shit out of the boss-person.  When I finally pissed them off I’d quit.

How long is it going to take me to stop dreaming about that place?  On the most part it didn’t suck but I’ve only had 2 or 3 managers that I actually got along with.  I KNOW what my problem is personality-wise and I’m only half willing to work on it.  (If they aren’t going to work on their personality flaws, then why should I?)  Almost 90% of my peers I loved working with – it seems I only have problems with authority.

Anyways… it was better than the night before where I dreamed I was making soap out of my colored pee.  It was striped all different colors.  In my dream I knew it was fucked up to make pee-soap but I couldn’t stop.   I’m OCD in my dreams too.




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