Bored on the internet

19 10 2009

I really need some friends.  I shouldn’t be allowed to be bored at the same time as having access to the internet.

When it comes down to it, my life goes from “hey, awesome!” to bored in just a few months.  TABLP is probably the second longest I’ve stuck with something written, following my Love Stories blog over on

I’m just one of those people that needs a constant flow of information running through my brain.  My psych report would probably read like Chickpea’s – if she’s not involved in something, she will come up with new and disastrous ways to fuck shit up.  (That’s not confidential info – anyone who has been in a room with her for longer than 5 minutes knows that.)

When I get bored I start relapsing into Internet Troll Personality Disorder.  I just can’t help myself.  People IRL are so used to me being an asshat that it doesn’t even register with them – but on the internet, there are NEW people to bother!

Its probably good that I have a really short attention span.  That means if I start to stalk you, I’ll be bored with it in a month and go find someone else.  Sorry, stalkees – I’m not faithful in my online persona.

(insert psychobabble about how getting bored online is an outcry from being overly loyal IRL… comments about needing to reread my Birkman, etc…)

It’s been terrible the last 7 weeks because I’m not allowed to do ANYTHING.  And now my pee is blue.

That’s right – I have blue pee.

I’m pissing Tidy Bowl because of the meds to stop the bladder spasms.  If I take my multivitamin I get GREEN pee.  Then of course I start thinking about the Death Cat episode of House and how he kept going at that red lollipop.

Back to pee.  I still haven’t written my super awesome post about my gyn visit.  That will have to wait – Shaun has the piggy flu and House is about to come on.  My internet awesome will have to wait until tomorrow.




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