Turning into my mother

17 08 2009

I’ve been crocheting a lot lately so I took my latest project over to the parent’s house yesterday to work on while watching the kids.   The longer I’ve been a mom, the more odd looks I get from the family.  It’s got to be very scary to see me morph into my mother.

Back to crocheting.  I’m working on a towel to compliment a scrubby washcloth I made for the kitchen.  It’s made completely from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.  Crochet is great for when you can’t move around a lot but when you want to feel productive.  Its easy enough to do while watching the kids or TV and you can hold a conversation while doing it.  It’s nice.

Apparently, my mom crocheted all the time when she was pregnant.  Dad said he didn’t know whether it was to handle the stress or just to keep herself occupied, but he said she kept on and kept on and kept on and finally she had a blanket that wouldn’t even fit in the room.  It was 20 FEET by 24 FEET.  Dad said you’d have to take it outside to lay it down.  That just rocks!  Mom may have a problem with scope creep, but hey, she does things big. I have to get these cool stories from Dad. Mom doesn’t talk about stuff like that – crocheting, swimming, running track – everything she was really good at she won’t talk about.  I remember coming across her box of medals when I was a kid and she just looked at them wistfully and put them away.

Dad says yesterday “you’re so much like your mother.”  Bob and Amber just look at me like it’s some sort of weird twilight zone episode.

I’m almost done with this towel then I’ll put up pictures.  All I have to do is finish the border and then weave in the loose strands from the color changes.  After that, I’m not quite sure what I’m going to start on.  I have some beautiful cotton yarn that I’m itching to use, so I’ll figure something out.  I need to get some navy blue yarn to make a jumper for Alyssa.  It’s so hard to find something that fits her right and I want something that not only looks cute, but is sturdy and slightly elastic.  First, I need to settle on a design.

Does anyone have any good sites for folks who crochet?  I’m interested in learning about fiber arts and making your own pattern.




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