A quick post before hitting the road

11 08 2009

I have doctor’s appointments all day today.  We start out the fun with an ultrasound then I have a pre-op physical this afternoon.   I’m 9 days from Total Uterine Destruction! Shaun gets his CPAP machine installed today.  Yay for breathing while you sleep!

I know you probably shouldn’t be so excited about getting cut open and having an organ removed, but damn, I’m excited.  I need for NOTHING to go wrong.  The logistics are falling into place very nicely.

The dogs know something is up – Abbie mostly.  Last night, they laid lengthwise across the path from the computer chair to the bedroom door like they were rings of security.  Layers of protection.  I love German Shepherd breeds but they can get really annoying when they team together for the protection of their “package.”  (I’ve been reading military thrillers – can you tell?)  Like any good bodyguard, they don’t pay a whit of attention to what you tell them to do if it’s contrary to their natural instincts.  Right now, Abbie is laying down, but she’s between me and the door – facing the door – and I’m staying in relatively the same spot.  It’s been so lately she won’t let the kids come up to me.  That will be good in 2 weeks when I have stitches, but still, it’s a little excessive.

Cali’s been pulling her Collie tricks lately.  She’ll come up and push her head under my hand so that it catches in her collar and pulls.  She did this the other day when I was on the toilet because she wanted me to go see what the kids were up to.  Of course, when you say “what is it, Lassie?  Did Timmy fall in the well?” she just gives you that “are you retarded?” look.

I better get moving.  I don’t think there’s any gas in the Honda… dammit.  I need gas too!  Is there a Starbucks on the way?




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