The Crazy-Radar (cradar?)

3 08 2009

Being that I have a diagnosable mental illness, I feel fairly certain that I can spot crazy people in a reasonable time span.  Being crazy is kind of like being part of an elite club with special decoder rings or something.  Normal people don’t pick up on the signs right away.

To catch up you noobs – I have obsessive compulsive disorder and I enjoy a relatively normal life due to medication.  Now – I said relatively.  That means I make a lot of allowances for the crazy in my life.  I have routines that make the crazy feel a little better while not really doing anyone any harm.  It’s just how I do it so that I’m not spreading crazy all over the neighborhood grocery store. This morning I was halfway convinced that my medication was evil, but I keep reminding myself that it’s better to take it and feel a little crappy than to be in the grips of The Routine.

( isn’t giving me any good synonyms for being nuts, so I’ll make do.)

The internet is a treasure trove of the mentally ill.  Typical people can be found too and more and more are joining this virtual world.  Sometimes typical people even mistake crazy people for having all their ducks in a row.  Um, unless the person with ducks is OCD – then the ducks will be in strict formation.  Today, my husband is one of those people.

Being he lives with me, he’s pretty used to thinking things that are bonkers are absolutely normal.  He sent me a link to this blog basically saying  QFT! (quoted for truth) and when I looked, my crazy-radar redlined.  Honey, that person is a nut.  I’m talking cuckoo – like batshit crazy tinfoil hat nuts.  Sure, there’s room for him on the internet just like there’s room for me on the internet and I do respect his opinion.  Really, he has some good points.  It’s just most people think linearly instead of in a scatter dispersion pattern.  If you rant without connecting the dots, people are going to think you believe that the aliens are shitting in your Cheerios and the only way to keep the terrorists from reading your thoughts is to write them on your walls. People with atypical thought patterns see relationships in things that don’t have anything to do with the other.  The logical next step is that if you rant about things that have nothing to do with the other, people will consider you to be fucked up.

I see a lot of crazy people on the internet.  Not so many honest to God OCD people (it’s like a favorite for people who think having a mental illness may be cool) but you do paranoia bookcoversee a lot of different flavors of unhinged.  It’s always hard to talk to them though because most flavors of nuts don’t know they’re nuts.  They honestly believe they’re normal and everyone is either like them, stupid, or unenlightened. You first have to identify the mental minefields then tread very carefully.  Otherwise, you’re one of them.

If you want to read a good book on paranoia – this one is great.

From one crazy blogger to another – if you want to blend in, start drawing thought maps.  It’s like a flowchart of ideas.  This way you can objectively look at a real object (the paper) and think “the price of tea in China really doesn’t have anything to do with that.”   I have to remind myself constantly to stay on topic.  I need a tattoo on my forearm of the tangent symbol.




2 responses

7 08 2009
David H. Schleicher

Geeze, Whispers is a great read, isn’t it? Makes you a bit paranoid, though, don’t it?

11 08 2009

It is a great read! It made me want to buy tin-foil and get more dogs to watch out for me. It really drove home that you really can’t trust your own brain.

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