July 24, 1999

26 07 2009

One of my ongoing projects is to get all the family photos in digital format and optimized.  I just do it bit by bit and hopefully soon it will start to come together.

Here are some pictures of my wedding to Shaun 10 years ago.  I love my dress.  First it was my aunt’s, then my mom’s, then mine, then a friend of mine’s.   My aunt made the veil and Shaun’s grandmother made the flowers.

In the window of the church.  The dress is ivory satin and ivory lace.


Me and my mom.  She’s a tall one!  I’m wearing 3 inch heels.

scan0205 copy 4

scan0206 copy 3

scan0212 copy 4

Me and Shaun.  The church is set back in a sort of woodsy area but is right next to a highway.  The entire time we did the photos, people were rolling their windows down and yelling either “congrats!” or “DON’T DO IT!”

wedding photo 001

Me and my Dad.  I’m an inch shorter than him in real life, so this was quite the experience.  He still had hair too!

wedding photo 005

The wedding “party.”

wedding photo 006




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