Geek Chic

26 07 2009

I am so proud of this necklace!  I’ve been working on it for what seems like forever and I’m going to be so happy to see it around someone’s neck.  I love the delicate chainmaille.  It’s one of those pieces I’d love to keep, but I know I’d never wear it – I’m allergic to metal.  I’ll be happy enough to see it being loved against someone’s bosom.

It’s for sale here.

chainmail necklace 1

chainmail necklace 2

chainmail necklace 3

chainmail necklace 4

chainmail necklace 5

It’s just so delicate and feminine yet strong and bold.  I’ve had the chain mail for a long time – it was made my Avon in the late 70s and the pendants are from other pieces of jewelry.  The turquoise is from yet another piece of jewelry, but fit perfectly as the center of the sun.  It seems they were predestined to be together on the same piece as they are the same color of stamped brass and nestle perfectly into each other.




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