This whole etsy thing…

25 07 2009

I like etsy – I do.  I like it a lot.  I’m just feeling a little discouraged.  It’s probably partly hormones and partly my natural instinct to hate selling things.  The discouragement comes with what I’ve gotten put up in the shop so far.  My handmade stuff, while diverse and awesome, normally goes to people IRL than even making it to the picture taking point.  It would probably be better to focus on becoming self-sustainable here instead of selling things for money so we can buy things at stores.

For instance, Alyssa has really thick but soft hair.  Those little tension clips do not stay put.  I found some claw clips and I’m making paper flowers out of a Dr. Seuss book that was falling apart.  They are one of a kind and just so flippin’ adorable I can’t stand it.  If I didn’t make these myself, I would end up at the mall buying a pair of barrettes for $5.  Instead, I spent $1.99  for 5 clips and the book I had laying around.  I used a little orange button for the center of the flower, gold wire to hold the button in and acrylic sealer to make it a little more durable.  I have some orange ribbon that I bought for the adoption duckies.

Also in progress is the restoration of an antique pull toy.  It’s one of the wood ones with the joints and rollers so it can either be a long caterpillar shaped toy or it can double back on itself and even roll over obstacles!  I’m making new “wheels” for it out of the same Dr. Seuss book and it is sweeeeet.  I took it out to test it with the kids and they were all tickled.  Even me and Shaun were giggling while playing with it.  It is much, much cooler than the $20 electronic piece of crap that I euthanized  a couple of weeks ago.

One thing I probably will sell is the classic car keyboard.  It’s a few days from being 100% done.  I got the decals and the “flashy bits” on it yesterday and it’s gonna kick butt.  The first clear-coat has dried and it’s waiting on it’s second coat today.  The keys need another coat of color, then decaling, then the clear coats.

I keep reading on Etsy that sellers need to find their niche.  Mine is probably going to be selling vintage items instead of mods.  Since I buy in lots, I get stuff I won’t use so it would be nice if other people could have access to those.

But if you want a mod, we’ll just be more personal about it and you can leave a bag of apples on the doorstep or something.  😉  I’ll never get rich this way, but hey, apples!




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