technology fail

22 07 2009

I canceled my OBGYN appt today because I think I may be starting a week early.  Apparently, periods make you stupid because I cannot – CANNOT – get anything technology related to work today.

Well, I did update firefox, but a blind monkey could do that.  Blah.

I need to get my ass up and prove my worth by cleaning this house.  Then maybe make some sammiches or something.

I did finish a necklace I’ve been working on for a while last night.  It’s a gold chainmail choker with sun and moon pendants.  It’s gorgeous.  I just need to find an extender chain that matches it because it fits snuggly against the base of my neck and it would be nice to be able to adjust it.  I’ll put pictures up as soon as technology makes sense again.


In other news, I had an epic battle with the largest spider on the planet.  Think Princess Bride and the fight with the ROUS.  Halfway through the battle (I was armed with a flip flop) the spider was wounded and left a trail of yellow goo in its wake as he retreated to make his last stand.  It was his bad for getting out in the open and raring up on his hind legs – after that it was a simple THWACK! of the shoe and he was done for.

I hate spiders!




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