We made puppets at Grandmommy’s

20 07 2009

If my mom had been born with patience, she would be the perfect pre-school teacher.  Lately, every family day she’s been coming up with activities to do with the kids and this one was a hit! It’s a good thing she works in the infants department at work and not stationery because she would be out of money in no time flat!

Miss Alyssa with her bird and lion:


LJ’s monkey and the elephant in progress:


Ethan with his tiger and pig.  I think he’s the only kid who didn’t want help with his…


I gave my sister’s fiance the camera and he takes great pictures.  He made sure to include the grown-ups!

Me and Grandmommy.  You can see some of my art from high school behind us.


Dad and Shaun in the computer room.  However, calling that space a computer room is a vast understatement.


Me and my sister, with my brother in the back corner paying no attention.


My sister and her man.  Do you know how hard it is to get that woman to smile?


I don’t have a picture of my brother’s girlfriend and the rest of the crew took off before the craft time started.  We’re gorgeous, aren’t we?




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