this keyboard brought to you by GM and Poison

20 07 2009

I’m working on a keyboard mod right now that’s inspired by the 77 Chevrolet Nova and the song “Your Mama Don’t Dance.”


The keyboard started life as a plain ole HP block-style board.  The lines on it (and the gray primer) remind me of my family’s old Novas.  We had 3 at one time.

The red one we grew up with – it was a 77 4 door Nova with a 380 stroker in it.  It reminds me of summertime in GA where you have to have all the windows rolled down and go 60 miles an hour just so your ass doesn’t stick to the seat.  The seats were red vinyl and the roof was black vinyl.  The roof used to be white, but Dad had it dyed.  I learned to drive in that car.  It’s one of those cars that cops will pull you over just to check it out.  You just looked like you were going fast.

When my brother got to driving age, Dad pitched in to help him buy a silver one – identical to the red one but it only had a 305 in it.  About a year later, I bought Shaun a ’79 Nova hatchback for his birthday.  It was brown with orange pinstripes and had a 305.

The red Nova had the words “Kim’s Toy” decaled on the back window.  Dad built race cars but Mom stole them.   Dad always loved cars but Mom loved the Nova.  She also loved Dr. Hook.  I actually didn’t know until today that Poison remade “Your Mama Don’t Dance.”  I looked it up on YouTube because I’ve been reliving the good ole days while painting the keyboard and saw that Dr. Hook only had one of the top videos.  Craziness.

I’m hoping to sell it when I’m done, but once Dad sees it he may comandeer it.  I’m excited about it!  It’s two toned – dark cherry metallic and brushed platinum and Shaun has almost talked me into hand painting the keys.  I’ll have a few days to decide.  The primer is curing right now and the two coats of paint will go on tomorrow.  After that, it needs a gloss clear coat (probably three layers) and several days to dry out really well.  Then, once I’ve figured out what to do with the keys and painted them I can start reassembling the board with its components.  After I’ve given it a test drive, I’ll add the detailing.

It’s gonna be beautiful!




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