17 07 2009


A picture of my workbench right now.

I’ve been playing with some vintage jewelry lately.  The picture doesn’t do any of it justice but I haven’t been able to put it away even though I got bored with it.

The kids had this really annoying toy that someone gave them for Christmas last year that was totally out of their age range.  It was part of a board game and the electronic part beeped for 60 seconds then the timer went off and it went into hyper-beep.

Now, on my workbench are the LCD circuitry and the speaker.  They’re much more useful now that they’ve been removed!  I need a medium sized circuit board, so I may have to euthanize another one of the annoying toys…

Let’s see, from left to right, I have a swallow brooch, a rope chain necklace, a brass scarf holder, a fake gold and fake diamond bracelet, and a very 80’s costume jewelry set.  Below that is a partially dissected costume necklace.

Looks like fun!




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