The past 48 hours

16 07 2009

I just now realized it was Thursday.  The past 48 hours have been a blur, mainly because I’ve been asleep.  Migraines are so strange – they’ll either keep you up in mind numbing pain or put you out for days on end.

Today, Shaun stayed home with me because I was only awake yesterday for about 3 hours.  The pain was unusual – it didn’t so much hurt as much as the “side effects” were overwhelming.  I lose my vision in one or both eyes, normally about 20 minutes before the pain starts until about 6 hours after the migraine ends.  I still don’t have all the vision back in my left eye, but the pain hasn’t gone away yet so I may be looking (haha) at another day of this.

I was talking to Shaun earlier about some meds that needed to be picked up at the pharmacy and noticed he has a roll of toilet paper on his nightstand.  “Why do you have toilet paper on your nightstand?”  I asked, brilliantly.

“You threw it at me last night…”

“I threw toilet paper at you?”  I’ve done stranger things during migraines, but this one is up towards the top of weird behavior.  He told me what happened and I still only vaguely remember it.

Last night around midnight, I had gotten up out of bed to go potty and while I was in there, I accidentally knocked a glass off the counter and it shattered.  Being I couldn’t see, I panicked and yelled for him but he was sound asleep, so I threw something at him.  Our house isn’t that big and we have our bed set up so that my side is only steps from the bathroom door.  Without my contacts in, I’m legally blind, so this whole not being able to see thing is familiar and everything is in its place or I fall over it. The throwing distance was only about 15 feet, but I needed something with enough substance to withstand projectile speeds.

I remember thinking that I had to find something that would wake him up but wouldn’t hurt him.  There was an open pack of TP on the floor next to the toilet (which I was afraid to move from) so I picked up a roll and chucked it at him.  Apparently it worked because before long I was back in bed and all the glass had been cleaned up, but I feel really bad about it.  It’s not every day that you get woken up by a blind, panicked woman weilding a roll of Charmin.

I’m continuously amazed at how much he loves me. Next week, he’ll  have been married to me for 10 years.  Poor guy! 🙂




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