The Abused Lace Liberation Project

10 07 2009

On my search for books, it’s quite interesting to see what people have literal tons of in hard to see places.  They’re meaning to get rid of it, but they spent so much time gathering it, blah blah blah, art projects that never got started.  People have caches of art supplies going bad and lace that is mildewing and yellowing.

As a side project, I’ll buy these things and store them properly, but now it’s getting a little ridiculous.  I have bookmooch for books that I can’t house, so I need something similar for the art supplies.  And here comes Etsy!

Much of my weekend will be typing the lace, estimating age, photographing it, and listing it online.  Everything will be free shipping and unless something really special shows up, I’m betting everything will be under $5.  So, if you want some lace, please bookmark the shop.  I’m looking to sell to people who will actually love it and use it!




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